SalivaDirect™ has moved!

For information regarding SalivaDirect™, including lab designation and up-to-date validation results, please visit our new page at

COVIDTrackerCT will remain home to our surveillance, open-source protocols, and research (including test development).

To determine if SalivaDirect™ can accurately detect asymptomatic cases, our team at the Yale School of Public Health are partnering with the National Basketball Association and National Basketball Players Association, as they look to continue playing while ensuring the health of players and staff. The partnership, the Surveillance with Improved Screening and Health (SWISH) Study involves side-by-side testing of samples collected from players and staff using a standard nasal/oral test for SARS-CoV-2 and SalivaDirect™. We’ll compare the outcomes of each test, and post the results at the study conclusion.