Select a city below to see the report for SARS-CoV-2 virus concentration. Reports are updated on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for New Haven, Bridgeport, and Stamford. New London and Norwich are updated on Tuesday and Friday.

Data interpretation: The data below represent the number of viruses (RNA genome copies) per mL of primary sludge. Converting the RNA copies/mL sludge value to the number of cases is currently a topic of intense research in our lab. Until that is better resolved, a general rule of thumb is that a virus concentration value between 1,000 to 2,000 RNA copies per mL roughly equates to 1 new daily case per 100,000 population. For example, a virus RNA value of 6,000 genome copies per mL in New Haven’s facility, would roughly equate to 3 to 6 new cases/100K that day for the population (New Haven, Hamden, East Haven, part of Woodbridge) served by this treatment facility.

New Haven

New Haven’s Water Pollution Control Authority serves 200,000 people in the cities of New Haven, Hamden, East Haven and Woodbridge, CT.


Bridgeport, CT, population 140,000, is served by two wastewater treatment facilities. The Bridgeport East Side plant covers 25% of the city and parts of southern Trumbull, CT. The West Side plant covers the remaining 75% of the city’s population.

Bridgeport East

Bridgeport West


The Stamford, CT Water Pollution Control Facility serves 140,000 peoples in the City of Stamford, CT and Town of Darien, CT.


The Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility is the largest wastewater treatment facility in Connecticut, serving 300,000 people in Hartford, West Hartford, Newington, Bloomfield and Weathersfield, CT.

New London

The New London, CT Water Pollution Control Facility serves 40,000 people in New London and Waterford, CT.


The Norwich Wastewater Treatment Facility serves 22,000 people in the towns of Norwich, Sprague, Franklin and Bozrah, CT.